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Mary Noailles Murfree Biography

Born: Jan. 24, 1850 Murfreesboro, Tenn.

From: Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans 1904

Mary Noailles Murfree, author, was born at Murfreesboro, Tenn., Jan. 24, 1850; daughter of William Law and Fanny Priscilla (Dickson) Murfree; granddaughter of William Hardy and Elizabeth Mary (Maney) Murfree, and great granddaughter of Col. Hardy Murfree, an officer in the Revolutionary army. She became lame in childhood, and thus debarred from active amusements, at an early age devoted herself to books, becoming a hard student, and later earnestly turned her attention to literary work. The family in 1856 removed to Nashville where she was chiefly educated, although she spent some time at school in Philadelphia. In 1872 they returned to Murfreesboro, and from there removed to St. Louis, Mo., in 1881, and back to Murfreesbero in 1890. She spent her summers in the mountains of eastern Tennessee, and devoted herself principally to the portrayal of human character as connected with life in the Tennessee mountains. Her first story, "The Dancin' Party at Harrison's Cove", appeared in the Atlantic Monthly over the signature "Charles Egbert Craddock." Other stories and novels followed, published also in book form, and she succeeded in concealing her identity until 1885. She is the author of: In the Tennessee Mountains, stories (1884); Where the Battle was Fought, a novel (1884); Down the Ravine (1885); The Prophet of the great Smoky Mountains (1885); In the Clouds (1886); The Story of Keedon Bluffs (1887); The Despot of Broomsedge Cove (1888); In the Stranger-People's Country (1891); His Vanished Star (1894); The Mystery of Witch-face Mountain and Other Stories (1895); The Phantom of the Foot-Bridge and Other Stories (1895); The Juggler (1897); The Young Mountaineers, short stories (1897); The Story of Old Fort Loudon (1899); The Bush-whackers and Other Stories (1899); The Champion (1902); A Spectre of Power (1902), and numerous contributions to leading magazines.


Johnson, Rossiter, ed.
Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans.
Vol. I-X. Boston, MA, USA: The Biographical Society, 1904.

Biographical Sketch for Mary Noailles Murfree

Born: 1850 Grantlands, Tenn.

From: Succinct Biographies of Famous Men and Women 1902

MURFREE, MARY NOAILLES, "Charles Egbert Craddock" author, was born about 1850 in Grantlands, Tenn. She is the author of In the Tennessee Mountains; Where the Battle was Fought; The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains; Down the Ravine; His Vanished Star; In the Clouds; The Story of Keedon Bluffs; The Despot of Broomsedge Cove; In the Stranger People's Country; The Phantoms of the Footbridge; The Mystery of Witch-Face Mountain, and Other Stories; and The Juggler.


Herringshaw, Thomas William, ed.
Accurate and Succinct Biographies of Famous Men and Women in All Walks of Life ...
American Publishers Association, Chicago 1902.

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