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Alexander Mosby Clayton Biography

Born: Jan. 15, 1801 Campbell county, Va.

Died: Sept. 30, 1889 Benton county, Miss.

From: Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans 1904

Alexander Mosby Clayton, jurist, was born in Campbell county, Va., Jan. 15, 1801; son of William and Clarissa (Mosby) Clayton, and a descendant of Dr. John Clayton (born in England, 1690, died in Virginia, 1773). He was admitted to the bar in 1823 and practiced for a time at Louisa Court House, after which he removed to Clarkesville, Tenn. He was appointed U.S. judge for Arkansas Territory, Dec. 12, 1832, and remained in the office for two years. He removed to Mississippi in 1837 and was there judge of the high court of errors and appeals, 1842-51. In 1853 he was appointed U.S. consul at Havana, but resigned that post and removed to Memphis, Tenn. He remained in Memphis but a short time, returning to his old home "Woodcote" in Mississippi. He was a delegate to the Mississippi secession convention in 1861, and wrote the ordinance of secession reported by the committee and adopted. He was a member of the Confederate provisional congress; district judge of the Mississippi district during the war, and afterward circuit judge until removed by Governor Ames. He was a member and president of the board of trustees of the University of Mississippi, 1844-53, 1857, and 1878-89. He died at his seat, "Woodcote," in Benton county, Miss., Sept. 30, 1889.


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